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folding table manufacturer

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  • (Folding tables) A trestle table is an item of furniture comprising two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or tabletop is placed.

  • A folding table is a table with legs that fold up against the table top. This is intended to make storage more convenient and to make the table more portable.

  • a business engaged in manufacturing some product

  • someone who manufactures something

  • (manufactured) produced in a large-scale industrial operation

  • A person or company that makes goods for sale



thanks zac for stopping and allowing me this quick capture....Graflex was a manufacturer, a brand name and several models of cameras. William F. Folmer, an inventor, built the first Graflex camera in 1898, when his company was called The Folmer and Schwing Manufacturing Company, founded originally in New York as a gas lamp company. As the gas lamp market dimmed, it expanded into making bicycles selling cameras of other makers as accessories, then making cameras themselves, dropping the bicycle line. That firm in 1905 was purchased by George Eastman. In 1907, the company became the Folmer and Schwing Division of Eastman Kodak. After a few more interim changes of status and name, it finally became simply "Graflex, Inc." in 1945.[1]

From 1912 to 1973 Graflex produced large format and medium format press cameras in film formats from 2 1?4 ? 3 1?4? (6 ? 7 cm) to 4 ? 5?.[2] They also produced rangefinder, SLR and TLR cameras in a variety of formats ranging from 35mm to 5 ? 7?.

Most sports photography in the early 20th century was done with Graflex and similar cameras with a cloth focal plane shutter. To get shutter speeds high enough to stop fast motion they had to use a narrow slit, which exposed different parts of the film at different times. To set the shutter speed, you wound up the shutter to one of a series of tensions with a key. Then you selected the slit width with another control. A table on the side of the box gave the shutter speed for each combination.

Graflex Speed Graphic folding cameras, produced from 1912 to 1973, also have a focal plane shutter, although they are often used with a between-the-lens shutter mounted to the lensboard. Crown Graphic cameras are similar to their corresponding Speed Graphic cousins; however they are an inch thinner and about one pound lighter because they lack the focal plane shutter. However, because of the shorter possible lens-to-film plane distance, the Crown Graphic can use shorter lens focal lengths, allowing a wider field of view.

The top-to-bottom shutter motion exposed the top of the film first (i.e. the "bottom" of the inverted image), so many photographs of automobile racing taken with Graflex cameras depicted the wheels of the car in an oval shape leaning forward. This feature became a conventional indication of speed, and many Cartoonists drew wheels the same way to indicate fast motion.

Press cameras1912–1973 Speed Graphic Models
1912–1927 Top Handle Speed Graphic
1928–1939 Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic
1939–1946 Miniature Speed Graphic
1940–1946 Anniversary Speed Graphic
1947–1970 Pacemaker Speed Graphic
1947–1973 Pacemaker Crown Graphic
1949–1970 Century Graphic
1958–1973 Super Graphic
1961–1970 Super Speed Graphic
[edit] Other large format cameras1907–1923 Press Graflex (5 ? 7")
1909–1941 Auto Graflex
1938–1942 Crown View
1941–1949 Graphic View
1949–1967 Graphic View II
[edit] Other 120/220 and 70mm film cameras1952–1956 Graflex 22
1965–1973 Graflex XL
1953–1957 Combat Graphic
1971–1976 Graflex Norita (a.k.a. Norita 66)
[edit] 35mm rangefinder and stereo1949–1953 Graflex Ciro 35
1955–1962 Graflex Stereo Graphic
1955–1957 Graflex Graphic 35
1957–1961 Graflex Century 35
1959–1963 Graphic 35 Electric (a.k.a. Iloca Electric)
[edit] Aerial cameras1941–1945 Folmer Graflex K-20 Aircraft Camera (a.k.a Fairchild K-20)
Folmer Graflex K-21 Aircraft Camera
Folmer Graflex K-25 Aircraft Camera
[edit] Military Cameras[5]1942–1944 Graflex PH-47-F
1942–1944 Graflex PM-47-E
1947–1949 Graflex PH-47-H
1947–1950 Graflex C-6
1949–1952 Graflex PH-47-J
1953–1957 Graflex KE-4
1953–1955 Graflex KE-12
1965–1973 Graflex XLRF KS-98B

The company name changed several times over the years as it was absorbed and then released by the Kodak empire, finally becoming a division of the Singer Corporation and then dissolved in 1973. The Graflex plant in suburban Pittsford, New York is still standing at 3750 Monroe Avenue and was the corporate headquarters of Veramark Technologies from 1997 to 2010.[6]

Years Manufacturer
1887–1904 Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Co. of New York, NY
1905–1907 Folmer & Schwing Co., Rochester, NY
1907–1927 Folmer & Schwing Div., Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, NY
1928–1946 Folmer Graflex Corp., Rochester, NY
1946–1955 Graflex Inc., Rochester, NY
1956–1968 Graflex Inc., Div. General Precision Equipment, Rochester, NY
1968–1973 Graflex Inc., Div. SINGER CORPORATION
1973 Tooling bought by Toyo Co
Pop cultureThe 3-cell Graflex flashgun was modified and used as the prop for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in the first two Star Wars movies, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. A black grip was added and the circular bulb housing was obviously removed, but little else was changed to create the lightsaber prop.

Auto Show Season

Auto Show Season

It's time for the North American International Auto Show! Always a
good time to be had in Detroit, and this year was no exception.

The image below was from some crazy Chinese golf cart manufacturer -
they had four absurd looking vehicles in their ghetto basement booth.
This one was named the "Detroit Fish", claiming to be amphibious. I
believe any car driven into the river can claim that name, and has
just as good a chance of running afterwards as that thing. So weird -
the booth was being manned by one dude in a bogus track jacket who
appeared to be drinking... There were multiple wine glasses and an open
bottle at his folding table. Just as helpful as any of the attendants
at other booths though! (Which is to say not at all)

folding table manufacturer

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