End Tables With Lamps Attached

end tables with lamps attached

    end tables
  • are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

  • affiliated: being joined in close association; "affiliated clubs"; "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities"

  • Full of affection or fondness

  • used of buildings joined by common sidewalls; "a block of attached houses"

  • (of a building or room) Adjacent to and typically connected with another building or room

  • Joined or fastened to something

  • associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

  • (Lamp (advertisement)) Lamp is a television and cinema advertisement released in September 2002 to promote the IKEA chain of furniture stores in the United States.

  • A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel and consisting of a wick or mantle and a glass shade

  • A source of spiritual or intellectual inspiration

  • An electrical device producing ultraviolet, infrared, or other radiation, used for therapeutic purposes

  • (lamp) an artificial source of visible illumination

  • (lamp) a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs

Studio Two - A Reconnection

Studio Two - A Reconnection

I have been trying to organize some shooting with/for an old friend. Someone who I loaned 2 turn tables to. I posted to Twitter today something to the effect of. "If it weren't for all this technology around us, it really could be 1995". The truth of the matter is that my friend hasn't changed. It was great to see a studio working nicely with incredible sound and tools. Along with some real musicians...

Here we have the secondary studio. The studios are lit with "mood" in mind. But its truly a thing of needing to be there to experience and feel the mood.

So instead of shooting long exposures and fighting with hot spots. I used Canon 580s attached to Bogen Clamps with Pocket Wizards.

One of them is camera left, high up on the ceiling, mounting to the light hanging from the ceiling.

The other, is the in the little vocal booth, clamped to the door molding pointing straight up. I had some sever difficulty getting the light to bounce right and in the end I compromised allowing it to blow out in the photo - and we can pretend its a real lamp.

Both flashes Gelled with a full CTO (Color Temperature Orange) and I left the camera in Auto White Balance (probably a mistake to do it this way, however I was lucky). Considering these lights were border line Tungsten color but more like a halogen look. I went with the full gels and got a good lamp color balance.

Power on the flash to the left is 1/8th where the power for the flash in the smaller room is 1/16.

Canon 5DMk2 / Canon EF 16-35 II
F/8, 1/25th, ISO-1600

This entire shot was an exercise in patience. The Flashes at higher power were giving off some shadows that the Ambient light couldnt fill. So pushing the ISO up and the flashes down a little, I was able to drag the shutter and let them balance out (for the most part).

clove spice macro with extension tube + reverse ring

clove spice macro with extension tube + reverse ring

pentax ist DS. Hand-held.

SMC takumar 50/1.4 reversed onto a reversing ring attached at the end of 8.5cm extension tube. f16 aperture priority to get as much depth of field in focus as possible. ISO 3200 to get enough light sensitivity to capture image without flash and to enable shooting at a reasonable shutter speed to minimise shake (1/45sec chosen by camera on aperture priority mode). Lighting - 20W table halogen lamp.

Uploaded image has been resized to about half size. Not cropped. At an estimate, un-resized image with this setup magnifies the clove spice about 60-70x.

clove spice for its texture/detail and 3-D nature is as usual my test subject when I have a new macro setup. Had the extension tubes from long ago, just found them again.

(CAUTION: the M42/49mm filter reversing ring at the end of extension tube is fine but I found that directly to M42 adapter and onto the pentax ist DS body, at the last turns, ridges from the reverse ring starts catching on the body mount pins. If you find this happening when using it directly as described, sand the catching ridges down. I've done that with mine with success, no catching, no worry of jamming on, not coming off etc).

end tables with lamps attached

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